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Bookkeeping & Accounting Virtual Assistant

Get your Bookkeeping and Accounting tasks done professionally and quickly. We understand that running a business is really demanding in time, yet also acknowledge that submission of timely and proper records on Bookkeeping and Accounts are vital to a sound business. Getting a Bookkeeping & Accounting Virtual Assistant will ensure you have more free time to concentrate on your core business activities while managing your essential accountancy obligations.

By delegating your daily numerical responsibilities to our Bookkeeping and Accounting Virtual Assistant, you secure excellent services from competent experts. Upon the receipt of your assignment, we get engaged in understanding your specific needs and then, identify the right assistant to undertake your assignment based on their proficiency and past experience.

A workflow to chop down the major roles into smaller tasks is then tabulated. The implementation process is documented till the report submission. A monitoring team is assigned who will evaluate progress and quality through periodic reporting as well as ad-hoc meetings in case there are needs.

Close personal contacts and high-quality team ensure that you gather the best of Bookkeeping & Accounting Virtual Assistant services, in order to have more time to grow your budding business.

Benefits of hiring our Bookkeeping & Accounting Virtual Assistant:

  • Cost savings At Virtual Assistants India, we are aware of the hidden and direct costs incurred in maintaining a fully-fledged accounts department. The staff employed therein, apart from being expensive in terms of salaries and benefits, also add up other indirect expenses and variable costs. You end up spending more on fuel, motor maintenance, electricity, statutory deductions, insurances and pension schemes. Further, the odds of the department being busy every week of the month is pretty low. The Bookkeeping and Accounting Virtual Assistant services we offer are done within our premises. Again, the rates we agree for an assignment are only for the duration required to complete the services instructed. You therefore, end up saving much in terms of expenses.
  • Qualified and experienced staff: The staff engaged to undertake Bookkeeping and Accounting Virtual Assistant are highly qualified and widely experienced. All of them are university graduates with over five years’ experience performing accountancy functions in every category of business.
  • Reliable services:As a Bookkeeping and Accounting Virtual Assistant service provider, we understand your bookkeeping and accountancy needs. We also boast unparalleled experience in delivering quality services. This being our core business, we consistently provide accurate and upto date files and records while asserting high-quality, accurate and reliable services each time you engage us.
  • Customised services:What is more, we evaluate your specific requirements and document your ultimate output. Once these are established, we assign the tasks to the most suitable expert in term of the requirements. This ensure that that the desired output is achieved to your specifications.
  • Advanced technology:We have a host of the latest accountancy software to perform Bookkeeping & Accounting Virtual Assistant services. They include Quick Books, Tally, Peach Tree, Pastel, and Quicken. We offer the most suitable software to tackle your accounting needs.
  • Round the clock support: Rest assured of our round the clock virtual service. There is no excuse of sick off and absenteeism inherent with the accounts staff. We maintain a redundant team aware of your needs and reporting schedules. As such, you never miss a deadline on either final accounts production, supplier payments, bank reconciliations, statutory returns, and tax compilation.

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