What Can You Outsource as a Business Owner?

Now this is an easier question to answer.

As an obvious first example, you should think about tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or that you can’t do really well.

For example, if you hate collecting relevant stock photos for an article, why waste your valuable time on it? Outsource it to your dedicated VA instead!

Here’s another example: let’s say you’re a video blogger and make hundreds of dollars a day. Do you really think that you should still be writing your videos’ transcripts instead of paying 5 bucks to another person? The hell you should! If you hate doing it, outsource it!

Not only will you free up a ton of time this way, you can also sky rocket your business’s profits.


Instead of doing these repetitive, uninteresting tasks that don’t require your expertise, you can work on tasks that will bring you a higher return on investment (i.e.: create more original content).

And on that note, you should prioritize even those tasks that you want to outsource. Give priority to those projects that will bring you the most results. Don’t pay for something that doesn’t necessarily need to be done.

So the bottom line is this:

1. Prioritize well

2. Choose tasks that you don’t like doing

3. Choose tasks that you’re not really good at doing

4. And delegate them to your virtual assistant(s)!

5. In the meantime, work on something more productive that only you can do!


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